Giving people with developmental disabilities a media voice
and a platform for community involvement.

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Mainstreamed Media's Mission

To provide people with developmental disabilities with a media voice and a platform for community involvement while fostering educational opportunities and friendships.

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Mainstreamed Media is a 501(c3) non-profit organization which provides access and a platform for people with developmental disabilities to cover community events as members of the media.  People with developmental disabilities are creative and have a perspective to share that is not heard nearly enough.

Sporting events, concerts, theater, festivals or tradeshows- whatever your interest, if you have a developmental disability, Mainstreamed Media will provide you media access so that you can interview the sports stars, musicians or actors featured in the event.

In my time in the field of helping people with developmental disabilities, I have seen that they are granted limited access to entertainment-sitting in the back row of a theater or only being able to attend when a paid staff member was available.  With media credentials people with developmental disabilities will be able to enjoy events like never before.

People with developmental disabilities have an openness that is infectious for those that get to be around them.  They will ask questions that will give people insights to Portland's athletes, actors and musicians that other media won't.

I am looking for people with developmental disabilities who would like to be involved in Mainstreamed Media.  Contact me at or at (503) 960-4683

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Mainstrreamed Media shares office space in Beaverton's coolest, most inclusive office space BEST HQ.

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